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Thinkin Bout switchin

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Hey Everyone, I am a rider for over 30 years and have become a lil bored with the HD Way of Life... I want some new friends and a new feel of comfortable power.. I currently have a 96ci 1585cc FXST and want to switch to a non Domestic way of life.. Love the DUCATI look and want some help shopping.. Looking at the Monster and the Hypermotard.. Want to stay under 16,000 budget.. HELP ME you guys know the bikes... I want a Ducati.. Help Me Decide.. I am 48 yrs of age and love a lil pep..
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Thanks for the input Yorick the salesman at the dealership said id have issues with the tourqe.. I was surprised at how the Hypermotard had that dirt bike feel to it with the riding position.. I'll ask around and see what I get.. Maybe its the way I put my ? Out there with the way of life thing and all.. Lol I dont live on the bike and not that I'm a 1%er making a change in life.. Just want a sportier bike for a change and feel Ducati is my way to go..

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