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Or my Duca' Serena Multistrada

I have a new lover. I'm obsessed with her. Who wouldn't be, she's Italian.
The sexiest nimble lady I've ever had the honor to ride. And MAN can she ride you.
Her curves are sharp but refined like a Falcon. When you give it to her, she growls.

I met her in
and after hopping the islands. We decided to get
Once back home,
She's the best ride I've ever had the privilege to find the deeper flow, the true peace of Serena. <<<<<<<Obligatory googlie eyes here. :crazy:

The back story:

March 15th 2012 The day I fell in love, or the day I bought her, (kinda' sounds like an escort) Well in time financially may feel like one. BUT WHO CARES! SHE'S HOT!!

I've been in the background on the forum since roughly that date & thought it time to formally introduce myself to the community of fellow Multi owners. That date was the evening I finally got to ride my late 2011 Multistrada S. She's a white & black contrast with full everything. Heated grips, the full nut electronic Olin system, full paniers (Even the old man top case). It seems the version I've gotten was a good build that day. Electronics work great, handles smoothly at low RPMs, rear brake works correctly, fuel gauge works fine, no tank problems, fuel consumption has a bit of a wrist bias but otherwise consumes fine. Really there's nothing I've had to complain about her. Other than a top screw on my exhaust fell off, will get that replaced Tuesday.

The only flaw, covered by warranty since it was out of the box damage was the right grip. It had a chunk missing showing the metal underneath. They had to ship a new one that I had put on at the 600 mile service. The best part of that though was Ducati sent the latest version that had some rewiring done & stiffened so it would not break down the road. It made the fly by wire system a bit looser.. er more give but totally minor. Something outside of 5 minutes I never noticed. And interestingly enough has what I think is a better rubber grip. Reason being that as others have experienced the older left grip is getting that smoothed out wear at the top end of it. The material actually looks thinner than the right grip. Which leads me to believe they DO know about that quick wear. Hell they better. I've only had it a little over two months and it's already smooth.

At this time I've put about 4300 miles on it. I did a trip from Chicagoland to Wichita taking all the back roads. Missouri is AWESOME for riding country twisties. Learned to really get into her bite on twisty roads. The damn bike really turns a man into a hooligan. And I've no regrets. Though if I where 25 when I had this, I'd probably be in traction right now.

Quick bike history on may part....This is my first Ducati. I come from all Japanese bikes. What's funny though is I come from a different place than many whom come to this bike, I came from a cruiser path.
My first machine was the Kawasaki Vulcan 750, 1993. I rode her many years until she just finally died.
My next machine was the Suzuki Boulevard M109R. I got that in 06 & ran her hard till spring of '11. After having the clutch completely break for the second time I decided I was done with her. She had about 31 000 miles at that point. Ironically I was in Wichita last year when that happened & traded in for a '06 Goldwing. I'd always liked the idea of a Goldwing but after less than a year found this bike just was not me. The irony is I found it's seating too uncomfortable. It split my legs too wide. I could never really get comfortable with it. Well it was that comfort issue that lead me to investigate what later became the upright bike seating position of the Multi. That's what got me in the door. The next was the gadgetry. I actually LOVE the whole geek tech of the bike. Of course the ole' Goldwing had it's share as well, probably what lead me that direction, well that & the fact that I'm a video game designer. But I digress....

So I got great seating, fun tech, then a gradual dawning on me that I've got a damn upright crazy sport bike. Too damn intoxicating. Just can't get enough of that hi rev power. It's a different animal especially coming from the deep low rev beast in 109R. And of course the crazy handling contrast coming from the lazyboy on wheels Goldwing. This thing practically knows my thoughts. It's like riding a Segway, subtle weight shift, GO. I mean a 150 horse powered Psychotic dirt bike from the other side of Hells RAVE party Segway. If that where...uh... well you get the idea.

Sure she's a bit of a demanding Italian girl at times. But damn if she ain't hot & get's even more MILF with riding age.

Love this bike. Best damn machine on two wheels I've ever experienced.

Thanks for reading my long winded blathering.


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BTW I did not know the forum would automatically convert the links to video.
I meant for them to be stylistic expressions of the international quality of this bike. And I found the different countries presentations rather fascinating. I thought the Japanese version for example, so indicative of their culture. Just as the American version was such a contrast from the others. So... talkative.
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