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The Island

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It seems every one and there dog are going ...... not much of a mention on here but ?
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l live about an hour & a bit away from the track,
lm a mad bike fan as well,
(l own 11 of the things)
But the exorbitant prices to get in & the money you have to pay to park (there is no free parking) plus every other way they try and get your money make it not worth while,

Also its well known that at the moment the victorian police have a "Noise" directive to follow,
Which means that if they suspect that your bike is to loud you will get a nice little letter in the mail...They just watch you ride past & take down your reg number...
Non confrontational policing they call it...
The good the bad and the plain ugly

Got pulled over on the way to pi doing 110 in a 100 zone outside omeo - vic cop simple told me to take it easy and let me go. Didn't even ask to see license or remove helmet

Mate got pulled over at mt hotham accused of being on wrong side of unmarked road and got 2 points

The ugly was orbost , cann river through to eden on Monday. Absolutely disgraceful policing , speed traps set on the only short straight stretches suitable for overtaking ....

Another mate got caught there overtaking a truck. Makes me think twice about bothering to go again
Welcome to the Nanny state...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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