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The Island

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It seems every one and there dog are going ...... not much of a mention on here but ?
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Ten of us on 5 bikes are departing Tamworth on Sunday 21st, to first night at Cootamundra
Monday night at Whycheproof
Tuesday ,,, The Grampians and overnight at Terang
Wednesday ,,,, The GOR, overnight at Torquay
Thursday the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento, then around the Mornington Peninsula and down to Rhyll.

I've camped at the island before, but after the tsunami of 2005 ,,,, never again.
We rent a house, with warm & dry beds, showers that are HOT, off street secure parking, TV, stereo, laundry with clothes dryer (which is a MUST have) ,,,, fridge for the REALLY important stuff, and a kitchen thats open 24/7, and does NOT sell cardboard burgers, salmonella on a stick, or dishwater coffee.

2 years ago we paid $1,750 ,,,, last year it was $2,500 ,,,, this year FOUR FUCKING GRAND.

We all throw in $40 and do a raid on the IGA at Cowes, which stocks us up on food, then draw up a roster for who cooks what and when.
Same IGA has a liquor dept that gets a mild workout.

Four of us are race meeting officials ,,, so Friday, Saturday & Sunday are 12 hour days at the track.
We get free parking and admission passes for ourselves ,,, plus another of the same for a guest.
We trade those within the house for various "favours"
We also get fed pretty well during the day, with a snack and drinks do each arvo after we finish.
Not to mention getting the "Best seats in the house"

Monday 29th we'll leave late morning to miss the early rush ,,,, up through Koo Wee Rup, Healesville, Yea, Euroa, to overnight at Beechworth.
Tuesday is Yakkandandah, Tallangatta, Granya Gap, Batlow, Tumut, Yass, Goulburn, Taralga to overnight at Oberon.
Wednesday is Bathurst, Rylstone, Bylong Valley, Muswellbrook, then home by mid arvo.

3,900 for the round trip
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Last year we had a Ducati.MS gathering on the Saturday night ,,,,
7.00pm on the front deck of the pub just down and around the curve from The Isle of Wright

Anybody interested in doing the same again this year ????

Same time & place ????

Or has anybody got an alternative suggestion ???
l live about an hour & a bit away from the track,
lm a mad bike fan as well,
(l own 11 of the things)
But the exorbitant prices to get in & the money you have to pay to park (there is no free parking) plus every other way they try and get your money make it not worth while,

Also its well known that at the moment the victorian police have a "Noise" directive to follow,
Which means that if they suspect that your bike is to loud you will get a nice little letter in the mail...They just watch you ride past & take down your reg number...
Non confrontational policing they call it...
Last year 2 mates got knocked off for 61 in a 60 zone ,,, by a "Flash for cash" car.

I got one as well ,,,, 97 in an 80 zone, but I wrangled my way out of it.
Between Yakkandandah and Wangarratta we got detoured for 15 klms because of road works. We were travelling along a road posted as 100. We came to a T intersection, and directed to turn right. I overtook a car and had my picture taken just as I pulled back in. 500 metres up the road was an 80 sign. Seems the 80 zone goes for a kilometre either side of the road we joined in from. I successfully argued that there was no indication that the speed limit had changed from that of the road that we joined in from. Only took one emailed letter, with an extract from Google Maps attached to sucessfully make my point.


The BASTARDS are now playing REAL DIRTY.

Two instances from last year

1/ we passed a "Flash for cash" car on the King's Highway between Tarago and Braidwood.
It was parked in a signposted roadside rest area ,,,, With a 6 x 4 box trailer attached. The trailer was loaded with stuff and covered in a Crazy Clarkes $5.00 blue tarp. It looked for all the world like a family camping holiday vehicle ,,,,, with the obligatory "Advisory sign" less than 20 metres before the vehicle, and half hidden in roadside long grass.

2/ We were on the Barry Sheene Memorial ride. Decided to get the jump on the bunch to get a good possie at San Remo, so we left the lunch stop at Morwell about 15 minutes ahead of the rest. After heading through town, up over the railway bridge and turning right, we were taking it easy in the 80k zone when we spotted a bloke sitting on the folded down tailgate of a SUBARU STATION WAGON ,,,, holding 2 small dogs on leashes ,,,, WHILE HE WAS SETTING UP THE FLASH CAMERA.

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Did anyone turn up ? .......might be a good idea
Yep ,,,,, 748 Girl & husband (sorry, can't recall his name) ,,, Punch, CB4265, Able Duc, Kate & I ,,, and a few others that were not members of this forum, but friends of those who are. About a dozen of us all up.

We arrived around 7.15 and left at 8.30. Just a few drinks to say g'day, put faces to names etc. We made it an early night as we are both race meeting officials, so had to be sober and on track at 7.00am, but I think some batted on for a fair while.

I'm happy with the same time and place as last year, if others feel likewise.
Or wOmb2t's idea of The Brewery, for a change of scenery.

Also, we met Smoothlennie for lunch at the track on the Friday.
Did anyone turn up ? .......might be a good idea

We're leaving at 7am this Sunday 21st, so won't have access to this forum.

I'll keep an eye on this thread until we leave.

If anything concrete gets arranged after then, would somebody please ring me on 0427 46 26 56


PS ,,, On Saturday 20th we're heading up to Nundle for the 31st Thunder Rally, put on by the Ducati Owners Club of NSW.
If anybody else from here is going, give a yell on the above number, and we'll catch up for a glass or cup of something refreshing ;) :D
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