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Well, I've been blaming the bike - i.e. the engineers for two years. Ever since that tire change rule in April 2017, that even Rossi seemed in favor of, when Yamaha took their nose-dive to the nether regions of Moto GP. They had the best bike, and through negative development (if that is possible) they now have the worst bike. Even worse than the Suziki. Yes, I know they have placed fairly high in the standings, but that is due to the riders.

Okay, so say Rossi and Vinalez aren't as good ar MM or Dovi or 3/4 other guys, we can say that, but they are still Very good, they are still top 5. It should be easy. At their level it should be easy. BUT it is such a migraine. It's just a disasster. Almost every weekend, coming from SO FAAAR behind. It should be the reverse. They should be starting at the front, and evening out to 5th position as qualifying goes on. Remember Mav is fast - he was showing the speed and consistency to hunt down Marky Mark. The only guys who are not having fun are the ones whose bikes won't work. Look at Zarco. 1) he is unhappy, 2) he was the hottest Yamaha rider until the factory started giving him factory parts. And then he just slid downhill into nothingness. Rossi and Mav are happy then miserable. Happy then miserable. Its the cycle of a bad relationship playing itself out right in front of us. if it doesn't even out, you just have to call it off.

Well, I know one thing about sports. Winners do the winning. You can't actually win at the higher and higher levels unless you are more and more of a winner. At some point the bodies are all healthy, everyone has the same amount of knowledge, but somehow, some guys rise to the top. They just win. When you don't win, you have a short window to change it around. The people that hire you do everything they can to help you, but you are quickly fired, left behind and forgotten, if you don't win.

I'm saying there are losers in the Yamaha garage. They make the wrong decisions. The interpret the data incorrectly, and the bike either gets worse or at best stays the same. Are they really losers, No. But they are not 10's. On a scale of 1-10, if the 10s get too many people around who are not 10's themselves they start losing. There are too many 6's and 7's and 8's in the Yamaha camp. Maybe even a 2 or 3 here or there. We know this because they are not progressing forward, and they roller-coaster up and down emotionally, like in a bad relatiionship.

So, who is there to correct this problem, because maybe the guy that owns Yamaha, in regards to racing is not a 10, and he just tries to hire 10's. Well, we don't really know, and from an outside viewpoint, we will never really know EXactly what is happening, but, we do know who is responsible. Lin Jarvis. Maybe he is not a 10. So, either:

1) It's Jarvis, or

2) Its the people Jarvis is hiring. And he is responsible for them too.

3) If this doesn't help you figure it out, see 1)

I know he has had interviews saying how there will be big changes in the Yamaha Garage, but with Petronis going 1-2, and Rossi can't even get into Q2, it REALLY shines the spotlight on the magnitude of the Yamaha problem. I think mid-season is enough, and if there is not a turn around, they have to get rid of Lin. Okay, he can have till the end of the year. Big organizations move slowly sometimes.
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