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I posted pictures, etc of a mello ride of DOG and non DOG Ducati riders I know today in the Ducati Chat section of this website. Since I have never participated in a group ride with such a wide variety of Ducatis, I had to post it where others could enjoy.

I considered it a "welcome back" ride for our Brian Davis (999R Fila) after he sustained serious injuries in an accident back in late 08. I know what Brian went through and we have talked about it fairly often, so when the time came for him to throw the leg over the bike again, we decided to hook up and go for a ride. Of all weekends, supposed to be 108 out, ouch! Oh well, we both knew it could be worst.

Brian came up the day before so we could work on our bikes, getting them ready. While Brian updated his Fila with some previously missing decals, I went to work polishing out the bodywork. We removed the protective film first and then I proceeded to two step the paint with a Euro foam pad and some formulations I have been working with from Meguiars. I second stepped the paint with a finishing white foam pad using a high speed variable buffer. The process was concluded with a random orbit buffer using a finishing wax as the medium. I think Brian was very happy with the results, the color absolutely popped. The Fila replica bike is absolutely stunning to me. I thought my 999R was about as cool as you could get, especially after I got finished working the paint, but the Fila made mine look anemic, really.

We met up with Martin (Moto) and Joe (Albo) and then cruised up to Georgetown via Salmon Falls Rd. Once there we met the rest of the group, Craig, Tracy, Jim and Tom and we all took on Wentworth Springs Rd, stopping at Stumpy Meadows for a photo shoot.

The day was pefect and the heat wasn't that bad. Actually in the mountains its a non issue with temps at least 20 degrees cooler. It was a medium pace "look at the scenary" ride and we all agreed it was very relaxing.


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