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I have to say this site rocks!

Ive only hade my Ducati a couple weeks and with the help of you all...

Got hooked up with a missing fairing bolt (macduck)

Removed all the fairings to clean and inspect her top to bottom (start at the windshield and work your way down)

Fixed crazy tach (tighten 3 little tiny screws behind)

So as we all know this site is a wealth of info and valuable resource!

Mr Leakered
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Checkout desmotimes.com for a really good maintenance manual and for many assorted helpful bits. LT's just about in your backyard.

One big item is the fairing brackets. Those and a bit of easy trimming will allow you to remove you side fairings in minutes, keeping the upper fairing in place.

Congrats on the blue ST. My favorite color. LOL.

Have a good one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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