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You did a hell of a job on myDucati/Showa forks. Your recomendation of Penske Valves and your suggested settings were spot on - resulting in a supple suspension that is comfortable on the street and stable as hell on the track in the A Group.

You also did a great job on refreshing my Ohlins rear shock. I'll be sending my Big-Assed BMW Ohlins suspension to you in the near future.

I've used a very big name guy in the past - who is in my area. He won't be getting any more work from me. I doubt he'll notice. He's too busy with big name racers.

Your price is much better and I think you do a better job for the money. I like being able to rest comfortable in the knowledge that you're a picky bastard and that you ride your own work.

Thanks again,

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