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Couple of months ago I won a pair of carbon fiber fairing,mirrors stay for my 749 on eBay.
Upon receiving the parts I was like :mad: WTF they were PHUCKED.
It have a fracture crack on one side the finish was opaque and full of scratches the holes for the mirrors bolts it was enlarged from over torquing to summarized it, I got PHUCKED right?

I decided to contact one of our members here never I have ever contacted him before.

He graciously extend a hand to me and ask me to send him the parts so he could take a look at it. I, was like wtf I duno this guys and what if I never get to see the parts again right?

Well I'd trust him and so can you, He did an amazing job I've my parts back they look awesome and now he have a customer for life.

Thanks Mark

Regards Luciano


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