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Thanks everyone

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Just signed the paperwork for a 2018 1260 S. Coming from a 2014 BMW R1200RT, I’ve been creeping around this site reading everyone’s insights, thoughts and recommendations and wanted to send out a thank you to the community. Felt better prepared going into this purchasing process and gotta give it to A and S Motorsports in Roseville a shout out for a rather smooth sales transition and walking away feeling like I didn’t get robbed at gun point. For those wondering, A and S has a hold over 2018 1260 S touring for $18999, they offered from what I saw one of the better extended warranties with Ducati everred for $1600 for an additional 5 years, so 7 in total. With accessories that I added, they included the first service with a rental car. got the urban pack as well, new boots and helmet with sena intercom. Big purchase overall, but happy with the experience and again thanks to everyone here for letting me rummage around the forum. Can’t wait to start putting some miles on her.
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