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I'm not sure this is the best spot for this message, but I wanted to say thank you all for your help with my Streetfighter.

I had a Streetfigher S, but my dealer called me with a deal, I could not refuse on a Tricolore Panigale & I made the jump. Couldn't be happier, as it's an amazing bike.

I was sad to see it go, but glad I did it, but wanted to take a moment to thank everyone in the Streetfighter sub forum for their help. Many of you helped me indirectly and some directly & for that, I wanted to say Thank you.

This is definitely one of the best sub-forums on here & I learned a tremendous amount about my bike in a very short time and I could not have done it without all of you.

Everything from the dreaded low RPM fueling, exhaust options & suspension suggestions this is a great place.

Just a last bit of information, to pass along. I was talking to another dealer about the Caldwell coating for our tanks and he told me specifically it will NOT last forever.

It is only a temporary fix and sooner or later it will begin to slowly peal off & you will have tank expansion. It's happening on the older monster's now & they are seeing it more frequently.

While this isn't the best news to share, I wanted to pass along what I knew.

Best of luck to you all & if anyone is looking for a low mile Streetfigher S that was taken care of, I can point you in the right direction!

Thanks-Big Boost (Dan)

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I'm glad you were able to get so much from this forum, I hope others do too.

As for the Caswell, no it will probably not last forever but it will last a long long time. I've never seen a properly applied Caswell coating fail.

I have however, seen other brands like Por15 and Kreem fail and fail quickly. Perhaps your dealer is having experience with some of these other sealers?

From my experience Caswell is likely to last the life of the bike, I wouldn't expect the others I mentioned to last more than a year or two...

Enjoy that Panigale Tricolore :)

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This a sub forum?
I thought this was the ONLY forum all the others were just branches of this one.
I thought you had to be nominated just to get into the Streetfighter forum.

Oh, my wife is saying I should at least pretend like I am working in here. Gotta go...
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