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I am curious about the flywheel timing on the testastretta motor. The flywheel is comprised of 3 pieces. The actual flywheel, the insert bearing and its carrier and the stator rotor. On the older bikes the ignition timing was contingent on a pick up sensor on the flywheel and where it is located on the crankshaft. In the testastretta flywheel it has an oiling hole that lines up on the crankshaft spline, so that is obvious as to where it is positioned. What about the bearing insert and the stator rotor, is there a correct orientation? I have read many articles saying that it is important to have it clocked correctly(mainly focused around the carb bikes) as well as a few that says orientation of the inner bearing race and rotor doesnt matter when it comes to the fuel injected bikes. I don't see any sensors associated with these pieces as a whole other than the 3 stator wire pickups.

So, my question is. Is the inner bearing race and/or stator rotor able to be installed in any orientation or does it need to be in a specific clocking place? The repair manual does not address this at all(from what I seen).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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