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Sharing this in case it may help someone in the future.
This happened on an 1198 gear drum, but most gear drums Ive seen looks similar, so may apply to other than 1198 too.

Symptoms: Gear is in first, but drum is positioned where it should be in third. Cant shift gears. Lever isnt stuck firlmy but you cant shift either (as the fork escaped into one of the drilled holes).
Problem: Gear drum wall cracked where the rear right fork shifts the gear from first to third, see pic. The fork tip entered the hole that was opened when the wall cracked.
Solution: Split the engine and replace the drum with the latest drum.

Notes: Current revision of the drum is 5 on 1198, so Im guessing they had a lot of issues. The latest one has much smaller holes drilled in it which leads me to beleive this drum isnt the first to do this, and its a good thing as the material where it cracked is twice as thick on the new one.
If you split your engine for other reasons Id suggest you change the drum to the latest to avoid the problem.

New one is fitted and is working well on the bench, just need to throw the motor in and try it on the road.


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