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I've been lurking on here for a year or so now. I was intrigued by the MTS1200 from the giddy up. I had never owned or ridden a Ducati until now. My Last two rides were an '06 Vstrom ,as a daily ride/off road toy, and an '07 R6 for a Deal's gap and track bike. I've have various sport bikes, cruisers, and dirt bikes over the years, even rode the fool out of dad's Lambretta 150 when I was a kid.

Due to Uncle Sam "overpaying" me for an extended vacation in Afghanistan and then wanting that back at the most inopportune moment, I sold both bikes to get my rich uncle off my back and was bikeless for the eight months.
During this, seemingly forever, loss of my two wheeled therapy momma decides that home remodeling takes precedence over sating my adrenaline desires. Well, the Good Lord must have pitied me and gave her a change of heart before all remodeling was done. That or she got so tired of my miserable arse talking about it that she relented. Either way, two weeks ago I got the green light and I pulled the trigger on a slightly used but well cared for 2010 base model from Pandora's in Chattanooga. I've had a permanent smile since.

I can already tell the phrase, "Sorry officer" will become commonplace and I want to apologize in advance to the residents living on the the back roads of east Tennessee, western North Carolina, and north Georgia. You all know why............

I'm looking forward to hanging out, getting to know some folks, and learning more about the closest thing to an "all around" bike I've found.

Take care and God bless,

Took my daughter out for a little ride last night. I think she likes it.
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