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Good morning everyone. I have a 2013 Monster 696 ABS with a Termignoni exhaust system with ECU. I have since totaled this bike and I have replaced it with a 2014 Monster 796 ABS. My question is this. Can I move the Termignoni exhaust and ECU from the 696 to the 796? I am a little confused here because if I look on the Termignoni site it is listed as two different part numbers but if I search listings on eBay, sellers post that the same exhaust works for the 696, 796, and 1100. Also, does anyone know if I can't use the ECU, if I can just move over the exhausts without any problems?

Also, I never saw the box that the exhaust came in. I had a local dealer that is now out of business install the system and they gave me back the stock exhaust and the stock ECU. I don't recall them giving me back the stock air filter so I will have to check my spare parts to see if I think that had been changed as well.

Many thanks. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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