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Termi racing exhaust street legal in NY?

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Does anyone have the termignoni racing exhaust on their bike and ride in on the street? specifically in NY? Is it legal? how loud are they? can the sound be somewhat modified or lowered down when riding on the street vs track riding?
If you do ride on the street... do you get stopped by the leos? are you ticketed?
Any feedback would be appreciated...

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I ride in the city with the Termis. Plenty of louder bikes around. Haven't had a problem (knock on wood) and I've ridden a few blocks alongside police cars. The sound of the pipes are actually even more beneficial in the city, with all the foot traffic, etc.
Great! Thanks, good to know...
Btw, do you have the racing exhaust? or the steel with DB killers?

I don't have one, but I do know that termi makes a DB killer, which defeats the purpose of a racing exhaust since it is restrictive.
True! But having the DB killer give you the choice to add or remove them accordingly. none at the track, but added on street riding...

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