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TERMI Cannister for 749

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Does anyone know if I can get a Termi Cannister for my 2004 749, without the halfpipe or computer?

1. Will that fit on the stock pipes?

2. If it will fit, do I need the ECU for the comp? or can I run stock

3. Is this something that I would want to do?

I am somewhat new to this, for I just got my bike 2 weeks ago and just want it to sound a bit different and not be so tame right now. The Half system is not a cheap deal, although, with a Duc I should have expected as such!!!
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

(ohh...on a side note, anyone done the 520 conversion with a 14 tooth in the front and a 41 tooth sprocket in the rear?) if so, let me know the results!! Happy, not happy, etc.
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Re your Side note:

I did the 520/14/41 and I love it. Bike is much more friendly on the street not to mention I get better pull out of corners and such at the track. I shaved some off my top end but to my mind it was a good trade off! Basically the bike doesn't feel so anemic or sluggish coming off of corners and getting hard on the gas. I am very happy with the switch!

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