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TERMI Cannister for 749

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Does anyone know if I can get a Termi Cannister for my 2004 749, without the halfpipe or computer?

1. Will that fit on the stock pipes?

2. If it will fit, do I need the ECU for the comp? or can I run stock

3. Is this something that I would want to do?

I am somewhat new to this, for I just got my bike 2 weeks ago and just want it to sound a bit different and not be so tame right now. The Half system is not a cheap deal, although, with a Duc I should have expected as such!!!
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

(ohh...on a side note, anyone done the 520 conversion with a 14 tooth in the front and a 41 tooth sprocket in the rear?) if so, let me know the results!! Happy, not happy, etc.
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  1. yes and no -- if the exhaust can comes from the half system, YES. If it comes from the 54 or 57mm systems, NO.
  2. no
  3. yes and no -- depends on $$ and what you want out of it. If it's only sound and looks, then all you will need is the can. If you want higher performance, then you should at least go with the half system.
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