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Termi 2 in 2 Baffle Removal

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Have the termi's installed on my sport 1000 and the sound of the termi's were not deep enough so I went to do some experimenting with the sound with and without the baffles.

It turned out to be a short experiment.

I did not have a prayer on the fist can since the head of the screw was visibly damaged from the factory.

I went to remove the screw on the second can which looked good but once I inserted a fresh wrench it was so tight that the wrench clicked without loosening the screw.

Has anybody had simular experience this is my first experience with the termi's?

I figured with a $1,300 product which should be track convertible this was not going to be an issue, go figure.
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My Sport had the 2-into-2 Termi when I picked it up with the baffles already removed, so, in effect, I ended up doing the reverse of what you tried.

I put the baffles back in to see what it sounded like. They were a pain in the butt to get back out! Very tight fit. I don't think mine would need the set screws to stay put.

I prefer it with them out, so I'd suggest finding one you can listen to or get your dealer to get the baffles out.

Good luck.
Took the cans to the dealer today since the set-screws did not look right, found out that the screws are welded in place.

I will drill them out and hope I like the sound with the baffles out.

I guess they welded them since they do not have a method to keep them from backing out due to heat and vibration, for the money you think they would have a different mechanism.
I had the same problem with one of my baffles, the bolt looked like it had a tack weld on it.

Ended up drilling off the head of the bolt and then sliding the baffle out. The reason for the tight fit is expansion from heat. Tight is better than loose for the baffle.

I found with the baffles in, it sounded just like stock (why spend $1300. bones for the system :eek: ). With the baffles out, it just sounds too loud for my taste, ended up maching up a set of larger baffles to get a sound half way between stock and without the baffle.

Don't know how it is in the USA but, In Europe (where Termis are made) there are certifications required for a can to be street legal and cans with 'removable' baffles do not conform as they would be too loud with the baffles removed, therefore they need to have 'non-removable' baffles to conform to the relevant laws.

Cans that do not conform need to be marked 'race use only' or 'not for street use' and these are 'illegal' to use on the street (although many people do use them) but a new bike with 'race use only' cans would not gain type approval for sale as a street bike.

So we bikers either fit race cans or 'modify' our stock cans so although the baffles are 'technically' non-removable it is very easy to remove them as it doesn't take much to cut off a spotweld or drill out a pop-rivet (plus they then still have street-legal certification marks on them ;)

I believe that this is why the screws are welded in place.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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