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Temptation MkII

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Hi guys,
As per a previous poster i am being tempted by the sport classic too.
Can i get an objective opinion of the Sport 1000 versus my 749 please. I come from the old skool ducati and just can't seem to fall in love with my 749 as much as i love it. (make sense?)
Comfortable riding position/ usable power/ sound etc.
Anyway any help would be appreciated.
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My previous Ducs were 900SS, a 996, and a 999. At this point, about 700 miles on the Sport, I'm liking this bike better than any of them. I don't know what all the fuss is about the riding position, I find it very comfortable, but that may be becasue I'm coming from sportbikes, which are even worse.

I've geared my bike way down (-1 tooth in front, up 2 in the back), and the responsiveness is great, even though I haven't really rung it out yet due to the low mileage. This thing pulls like a bear!

As for the sound, well, it's just too damn quiet in stock mode, although a riding buddy of mine on an FJR said he thought it sounded pretty cool. I'm waiting on delivery of the Zard system, and I suspect it's going to sound a lot better after that's installed :D .

The suspension has the best "feel" of any bike I've had, right out of the box. That said, for my type of riding, which is aggressive, I know I'll need the Ohlins eventually.

I think it's a great bike. It's a real head turner, that's for sure! Buy it, you'll like it! :cool:

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Sport Classic Magic

I have wontonly disregarded your request in 2 areas:
#1 I am not necessarily objective in this case.
#2 I don't have, nor have I ever ridden a 749.
That said, I have owned and ridden a quite a number of dedicated and not as dedicated sporting machines. And like you (?), I see myself as a purist in the sense that I don't necessarily look for the most horsepower and technology. Rather I seek simplicity, tractibility, and an intimate exchange/interaction with my chosen ride. (Almost sounds kinky...ehhh?)
To me, it's not what power is available as much as how much you can apply to the tarmac where you primarily ride it (the street, for me). It's also the feel, the handling, the "sweet-spot" where you make your upshifts/downshifts, the braking performance, and the exhaust note that chases you through the country.
I also seek simplicity of design. If this sounds similiar to that which you seek, you will love the 1000DS in any machine, but the Sport Classics specifically.

That said, I believe I need another cup of coffee...-Capt

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I have never owned a 749 (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once :p ). I have owned a M900, a 748 monoposto, a 998 monoposto and an S4R. All of the "aforementioned" bikes were great bikes. I enjoyed them all. But I am having more fun with the Paul Smart than any other bike I have ever owned. (I've also owned five BMW's and a VFR.)

Riding Position - The riding position on the PS is not real comfortable - but it is at least as good as the 748/998. I suspect that the Sport 1000's would be more comfortable than the PS. I'm not sure how that compares with a 749/999.

Power - The power on the PS is just what I want in a motorcycle - especially after I added Termi's and changed out the front sprocket.

Sound - I have 2-into-2 Termi's on mine. I left the baffles in. They sound fantastic. The bike has a nice growl. Some people prefer to take the baffles out. Your choice.
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