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Using an infrared temp gun for sensing, my M-900 got up to 245F. This is really not all that hot by oil temp standards.

geospencer said:
Let me revisit this! :confused: My last two Ducs were water-cooled (998 and S4R) and I didn't ride them all that much in hot weather so I really shouldn't be offering my "expert opinion" on air-cooled bikes.

Anyway, I took my Paul Smart (air-cooled) out today. The temp here is N.C. was in the HIGH 80's. The bike stayed around 220 for most of the ride. I stopped by my BMW/Ducati dealer for an open house and while I was there I talked to the service manager . . . just to make sure that everything was okay. He said not to worry. The bike is fine. As I recall, my old Monster 900 (air-cooled) would get up higher than that on hot days.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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