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Tell Me About "TANK SPREADING" ....

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I have an 07 SC biposto and an 06 SC Monoposto.... i have not heard of this tank spreading phenomena before so tell me where to look .... I am assuming it must happen at the front at the tank mounts that it would become noticable .....also is this a problem related to age, inside or outside storage, ambeint temperatures, ( ie is it more common say in Arizona than Quebec , Canada climates ?) or is it more common to particular year of SC ? has it been diagnosed by Ducati or do this just replace under warranty without explaination ?

Looking forward to some feedback on this one ...

Meanwhile thinking of doing my own one-of aluminum tank and tail section...

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All US tanks are prone to warping and bubbling, possibly due to ethanol in our gasoline. Ducati is working on a new tank, rumors that these are now being shipped. No reported problem on bikes outside US.
This may be a separate issue, but my dealer seems to think the reason this happens on U.S. bikes specifically is because of the EVAP canister. If I understand correctly, what happens is that if you fill the tank all the way to the absolute top what can happen is a pressure buildup (probably due to heat on the tank itself) and fuel can flood into the EVAP canister essentially plugging it up. At that point there is no place for the fumes/pressure to go and the tank warps.

Some of the newer Ducati's have a sticker on the tank that warns not to "overfill" it. It says to fill it only to the bottom of the filler neck and no higher.

I haven't read through the complete tank thread so this might have already been covered/debated but it makes sense.
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