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Tell Me About "TANK SPREADING" ....

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I have an 07 SC biposto and an 06 SC Monoposto.... i have not heard of this tank spreading phenomena before so tell me where to look .... I am assuming it must happen at the front at the tank mounts that it would become noticable .....also is this a problem related to age, inside or outside storage, ambeint temperatures, ( ie is it more common say in Arizona than Quebec , Canada climates ?) or is it more common to particular year of SC ? has it been diagnosed by Ducati or do this just replace under warranty without explaination ?

Looking forward to some feedback on this one ...

Meanwhile thinking of doing my own one-of aluminum tank and tail section...

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Ducati is working on a new tank, rumors that these are now being shipped. No reported problem on bikes outside US.
Is this confirmed?
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