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Tell Me About "TANK SPREADING" ....

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I have an 07 SC biposto and an 06 SC Monoposto.... i have not heard of this tank spreading phenomena before so tell me where to look .... I am assuming it must happen at the front at the tank mounts that it would become noticable .....also is this a problem related to age, inside or outside storage, ambeint temperatures, ( ie is it more common say in Arizona than Quebec , Canada climates ?) or is it more common to particular year of SC ? has it been diagnosed by Ducati or do this just replace under warranty without explaination ?

Looking forward to some feedback on this one ...

Meanwhile thinking of doing my own one-of aluminum tank and tail section...

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Couldn't they fix the problem (at least the "getting wider at the mounts part) by simply changing out parts #2 and #17? #2 is the rubbery thing that fits into #17, and I am assuming that people are shimming out one or the other when the tanks spread. What if #17 had a lip around it sized to hold onto #2 (which might need to be slightly redesigned in a pretty obvious way)? This wouldn't interfere with the easy way the mounts work, but would hold the sides of the tank to the frame to prevent them working their way loose.

I haven't looked underneath, but is there any way a #2 with a threaded insert could be reached through a #17 with a hole in the bottom, and then an allen screw put through both once the tank is in place?

Mine is spreading slightly but not enough to be a big problem yet, but it would be good to figure this out permanently if it's going to keep happening.

Edit: actually just shimming 2 out with washers and adding a lip to the edge of 17 would probably do what I'm talking about.
Someone on eBay is selling a shim kit for just this purpose.
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