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Tell Me About "TANK SPREADING" ....

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I have an 07 SC biposto and an 06 SC Monoposto.... i have not heard of this tank spreading phenomena before so tell me where to look .... I am assuming it must happen at the front at the tank mounts that it would become noticable .....also is this a problem related to age, inside or outside storage, ambeint temperatures, ( ie is it more common say in Arizona than Quebec , Canada climates ?) or is it more common to particular year of SC ? has it been diagnosed by Ducati or do this just replace under warranty without explaination ?

Looking forward to some feedback on this one ...

Meanwhile thinking of doing my own one-of aluminum tank and tail section...

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I just ordered my fifth GT tank, not even 3,000 miles, all w/o a can.
FIFTH!?! I'm still on my first tank, it's warped/wavy in the the knee cut outs and spread off the mounts (I've shimmed them out tiwce). For now I'm just enjoying the extra fuel capacity and increased airflow to the intake. :)

The "plugged venting" theory is not right. The tanks aren't ballooning up so much as just warping/bubbling/changing shape. I think it's the shape of the tank that causes them to "spread" and fall off the mounts.
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