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Teflon tape on brake bleed nipples?

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If I only crack the nipple, then hardly any fluid comes out, if I crack it more, then fluid seeps out from around the threads. Someone suggested putting a few wraps of yellow teflon tape on the top threads of the bleed nipples. Anyone tried this or have any thoughts/advice?
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It seems none of those saying 'NO sealant' (I can be counted as one, usually) aren't reading the OP's complain/wish. He is NOT saying the bleeders are leaking when closed/sealed. He IS complaining about leakage around the threads when bleeding.

I have never bothered using any kind of sealant on bleed screws at any time in my life, I understand what he's trying to accomplish. I know others' who have done some variation of the tape/goop with success.

The threads aren't what seal the system, the taper/seal mating is. Therefor, compatibility of brake fluid with goop is essentially immaterial. SOME goop will, eventually (after a thousand bleed episodes?) migrate into the caliper. The amount will be insignificant but, some amount will get in there.
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