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Teflon tape on brake bleed nipples?

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If I only crack the nipple, then hardly any fluid comes out, if I crack it more, then fluid seeps out from around the threads. Someone suggested putting a few wraps of yellow teflon tape on the top threads of the bleed nipples. Anyone tried this or have any thoughts/advice?
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I’ve used Teflon tape on nipples with a vacuum bleeder for many years on both bikes and cars and I’ve never had an issue. I have never seen the Teflon tape react with any type of brake fluid , DOT 3, 4, or 5. What kind of reaction were you thinking might happen ? It doesn’t dissolve or soften. I’ve not had good luck when using liquid sealers with brake fluid. Air forces itself past and brake fluid dissolves some of them. You have to use something or you’ll never know when you’ve gotten all the air out. I saw some bleeders with a coating on them that looked promising, but I don’t remember where. Supposedly kept them from seizing, but it might help seal during bleeding too.
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