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Teflon tape on brake bleed nipples?

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If I only crack the nipple, then hardly any fluid comes out, if I crack it more, then fluid seeps out from around the threads. Someone suggested putting a few wraps of yellow teflon tape on the top threads of the bleed nipples. Anyone tried this or have any thoughts/advice?
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Absolutely no tefelon tape or thread sealer on the bleed nipple threads. Brake fluid will react with these products. Tape can keep the nipple from seating properly and hinder your ability to feel how much you're tightening it. As Stillrolling says, something is blocking the nipple.
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"It should be noted that a tiny stream of bubbles may be noticed in the hose after all of the air is bled from the lines. This is caused by air seeping around the threads of the loosened bleeder fitting and being drawn back through the fitting by the suction of the pump. Once the air is removed from within the system, these tiny bubbles will in no way jeopardize the bleeding operation, since they are present only at the fitting and do not enter the system. If you wish, you can put grease or Teflon tape around the threads of the fitting to eliminate most of the bubbles." page# 21.https://www.skf.com/binaries/pub299/Images/0901d196809b1436-824323E_MV8500_tcm_299-528299.pdf
That's the exact instructions on my mityvac many years ago. It was sucking air and not much fluid. Started with the tefelon tape, nice clean wrap twice around. I'm very experienced with sealing threaded fittings, and this was just not satisfactory. I use the mityvac for many things but never bleeding brakes
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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