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Teflon tape on brake bleed nipples?

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If I only crack the nipple, then hardly any fluid comes out, if I crack it more, then fluid seeps out from around the threads. Someone suggested putting a few wraps of yellow teflon tape on the top threads of the bleed nipples. Anyone tried this or have any thoughts/advice?
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Maybe use liquid pipe sealer. Here's the instructions from the speedbleeder website FWIW:

Thread Sealant is Available. The thread sealant is available in 1/2 oz. bottles so that you can replace the sealant that has worn off over time. It comes in a plastic bottle with a brush cap applicator. It is available for $10.00 and can be used in many other situations where a quality pre-applied pipe sealant is required. A little goes a long way. The recommended procedure for applying is as follows:

Clean the Speed Bleeder with soapy water to remove any brake fluid or grease and dry. A hair dryer does this nicely. With the brush cap applicator apply a small amount of thread sealant evenly to the threaded portion of the bleeder screw. (Leave the first 1 1/2 threads uncoated. This makes it easy to start threading into the wheel cylinder or caliper without cross threading.) After it is applied, dry with a hair dryer on high setting for about 1 minute. When cool and dry it is ready for installation.
Great idea, I even have a bottle of this stuff from my old speed bleeders. I wonder if any brake fluid will leak out when I remove the bleed nipple to apply and cure this stuff?
Not usually much. But I'd be prepared with a spare to "plug" it in case. I've also read in other threads where people used grease like Slowdive suggested. I think a thick grease may work OK for seal, just not sure how it will be for long term loosening.
In my case I use a vaccum bleeder so my issue is stopping air form going into the threads and back out while bleeding. Makes it hard to tell what's going on.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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