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[I replied to an old thread on the Superbikes board with these questions. I have a GT1000 so I'll ask here]

Forgive the Zombie thread... I recently adjusted the throttle stop screw due to a hard-to-start bike that wouldn't idle. Now that I clean the injectors and replaced the plugs, the engine surges to 3200rpm.

I read -now- that I should have never touched the throttle shaft stop screw. Fortunately, I have a Techoresearch VDST Standard tool, which I'm lead to believe will allow me to re-set the TPS/idle.

Q1: Where should I re-adjust the throttle stop screw to? Just barely touching the plate? Touching plus (X) # of turns-in?

Q2: The VSDT connector to the bike's wiring harness; where is the connector on the bike located. Yeah, under the seat, I get that part. But specifically where? A photo is always helpful.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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