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TCX Sport Tour EVO Air

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Now that winter is finally (maybe) over here in NEOhio, I got in my first ride with these on my feets. I bought them pre-owned/un-used from gus duc some months ago and they've been in the closet with shoe stretchers inserted. Initial fit upon delivery was good, just a little snug where the toe sliders mount mostly. Stretchers weren't going to fix that but did make for a tiny bit of room overall.

Off for ride. 70F outside. I like them. They're easier to walk in than my Puma Bonnevilles were (for months). Nice fit around my calves with jeans in. I don't think anything but boot cuts will fit over them but, I didn't care to try this time. If the do, there is enough adjustability to maintain calf fit. Flex for shifting is great. Far better than my Pumas were.

Being armoured, they may not be my everyday units but, I do like them and will use them plenty often.

Side note, I'm pretty sure I posted about this before but, my Pumas were to be replaced by these as the soles had started to come adrift. But, I can't bare to toss things out that are salvageable (by someone, somewhere) and when I stumbled upon another cobbler in town to paid a visit. I took a chance after he looked them over and said, without hesitation, that he could save them. They've also been in the closet for a few months, waiting. They fit better than a I remember and will get a first test tomorrow.
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