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TB sync adaptor size

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Planning on tackling a tune up(TPS/Tb sync/trim) and I'd like to construct a homebrewed sync tool of internet ubiquity. Seems pretty simple given time to fuss with it(which I have). The only specific that I'm missing is the size of the TB sync port. I have an 04 S4R and 03 M800Sie.

Anyone know what size(5mm or 6mm) adaptors I need to source?

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Just to follow up on this, turns out my S4R(new to me) already had permanent adapters installed. Wanted to tackle the M800 first, since it was not running quite right(and it's my wife's bike...didn't feel like the stuttering was very safe), so I swapped them over and they fit just fine. Measured the outside diameter of the threads at 4.89mm, so I suppose that means they're 5mm.

Homemade manometer worked perfectly with no fuss. Following a combo of LT's and bikeboy's instructions, I reset TPS, sync'd TBs, and set air bleeds and trim(ducatidiag), which transformed the bike. The steady/low-throttle surging is completely gone, and the mid rpm stutter is ALMOST gone. I'm flying blind on the air bleeds and trim. I put the air bleeds back to where they were (1 and 1.25 turns front/rear) which smoothed out idle. The trim was set at 50, which seemed really high to me(this thing has DP ECU and slipons...I think a PO richened it up thinking the cans flowed more than they really do). I backed off on the trim, starting at 10, and slowly(increments of 5) richened it until the decel popping just stopped and left it there. Landed at 25. I'm idling a little bit high(1400ish), not sure if I need to tweak the air bleeds for that a bit...might start over now that I know what I'm doing. Also looking for a decent source for a gunson's gastester or equivalent...I think dialing this thing in will make it perfect. All in all I'd call it a %90 improvement.

Haven't done the S4R yet, but I have hopes of smoothing it out as well, since a quick hookup of the manometer showed the TBs to be pretty far out of balance. This one isn't as urgent tho, as 1) it's running great...only issue is <20% steady throttle stutture, so I just thrash it :D, and 2) it's my bike so I don't have to worry about my wife crashing if it misbehaves in a corner.

Anyway, just rambling for posterity...resume crickets.
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