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Are you having problems with your tank?

  • Yes, I am having problems with my tank.

    Votes: 368 66.7%
  • No, I am not having problems with my tank.

    Votes: 184 33.3%

Tank Problems - Yes or No

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Let us know if you are having tank problems.

I voted already. I have not had any tank problems so far. For the record, my Paul Smart does not have many miles on it and it stays in a heated garage. I don't know if that makes any difference.
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2006 Paul Smart
-Purchased Jan 2006
-Tank replaced in Nov 2007 due to deformation
-Replacement tank is had deformed in the same manner. Tank brackets are shimmed 3 washers on each side.
I'm taking my PS1000 into the dealer this weekend for tank inspection. I was just going to wait it out for Ducati NA to sort out this problem but after attempting to install an NCR gas cap and finding it didn't fit very well due to the fact the progressing tank deformations, I just figured something had to be done now.

Hopefully getting a 3rd tank from Ducati NA will kick them into finding a better solution for this issue.
Good news...

NHTSA just contacted me directly to setup an inspection of the tank on my Paul Smart. An inspector is flying out from Washingon DC to take a look at it next Tuesday.

It looks like NHTSA is serious about this problem. If anyone else on the board has heard from NHTSA post here.
Yep. Mine has spread and has dimples on the top. The NHTSA inspector said he had a Paul Smart as well with the same problem. From what he was saying, the tank spreading issue is the main safety concern.
Are you going to discuss this poll with him when you see him face to face?

Of course. I'm going to email him the link to this thread once he sends me the inspection details.

Does he visit our forum??
I didn't ask him specifically but I'm sure if he has a PS1000le he probably has.
Garth did your inspector make it to your place this week to see your tank?
He is coming on Tuesday Feb 10th. I'll write up a full report of the inspection on Tuesday evening.

The NHTSA inspector came out today to inspect the tank spreading issue on my Paul Smart. He was very thorough with his photo documentation and in general very informative.

Rest assured that we have the right guy working on this problem for us.

1 - 7 of 1138 Posts
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