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Are you having problems with your tank?

  • Yes, I am having problems with my tank.

    Votes: 368 66.7%
  • No, I am not having problems with my tank.

    Votes: 184 33.3%

Tank Problems - Yes or No

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Let us know if you are having tank problems.

I voted already. I have not had any tank problems so far. For the record, my Paul Smart does not have many miles on it and it stays in a heated garage. I don't know if that makes any difference.
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Haven't filed a formal complaint yet as I just found out that the tank has spread. Last time I rode it...about 2 weeks ago it was ok. Just took it off the stand 10 minutes ago to get ready to head to Louisiana for a week of riding, and the tank damn near came off! Will shim and ride, but will next make a call to my dealer as my warranty is good 'til April '09.

Talked to my local dealer, Hall's in Springfield, IL. There is a spreading tank recall that talks about shimming the tank. In the interim, I found dimpling in the tank on the right hand side. The dimpling Hall's says will allow the tank to be replaced under warranty.

During discussion the service guy asked about the gas tank vent and whether or not it was clear. He seems to think that a bad vent may be causing some of the problems. He recomended shooting some WD-40 into the vent and seeing if it went through. Mine didn't. I disconnected the line at the base of the tank and removed it. (of course it was to vent into that ugly canister...wonder where that went...) The line was plugged with something. I blew it clear and reinstalled it, checking by blowing backwards throught the vent with my finger over the under gas cap vent..works now.

Just a thought for those that have no problems yet and hope to have no problems.
If it is the ethanol in the fuel, I wonder if it would help to line one's new tank with a product like Kreem?


I have used it when restoring old fuel tanks and it works well to seal up pinholes, cracks and cover rust.
I believe someone has already mentioned that there is ethanol European gas as well as US gas.
I think you're right, but the %age is less I think. US allows up to 10%, Europe is 5%?

I have also been told that the further away from the batch mixing you are the less ethanol in your fuel.....bleed off...and that those close by may be getting more than 10%..fuel in my area smells like cheap rum sometimes.
Too much time on my hands thinking about this tank thing, and also wondering if the spreading and paint bubbles might be a result of not only the gasahol, but also the actual shape of the SC's tank vs the Monster, etc.:think:
is there a difference in ethenol content with octane rating? I use low octane gas more often than not.
Nope. You can find upwards of 10% ethanol in all grades of fuel. On the other hand, I just got back from riding in Louisiana and Mississippi and found that some stations I stopped at claimed no ethanol in the lowest grade of fuel, and charged more for the 87 octane than the mid-grade 89 octane. :confused:

Oh, and in reference to the post wondering about how bikes are treated, when not being ridden mine is in a temperature controlled garage, and I don't use if for commuting.
I never had issues with other poly tanks I had in the past from storing in my garage with no climate control. Of course, this is my first Ducati. Maybe there's an excuse built in.
If it's an excuse, it won't work..my tank has spread and bubbled.
There have been checks at various service stations and fuel has been found with as much as 20% ethanol! :eek:
And that's the truth. I live about 3 miles from a blending station that supplies the service stations in my area. I have been told that there is more ethanol in the fuel than advertised at most pumps.

I ride a Honda TransAlp for a daily commuter. These things were designed to run on the crap in a 3rd world country that passes for petrol. It has even had issues (running wise) with some of the extra alcohol!
Once upon a time, I was chief mechanic for an EBC Endurance AMA Yamaha racing team (Team Magic/Anderson Racing). The owner, and main rider was a fellow by the name of Jan Svensson. He is an engineer and has worked with a lot of materials related to motorcycles. He now races a Ducati in AHRMA's Battle of the Twins. Jan makes his own fuel tanks out of carbon fibre. I talked to him today about the possibility of ethanol causing problems with our tanks. He seems to think this is a possibility as he uses Kreem in his carbon fibre tanks due to additives in the fuel such as ethanol making his carbon fibre tanks "soft". It is his recommendation that I Kreem my new tank before I install it.

Thought you might like to know.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Ride Safe.
Yes, But dealer says photos they took don't show defect. I'll have to take the shots myself and also mark my tank with yellow grease pencil.

06 SC1000 red
LA, Ca.

Photos of the expansion? That would be tough to take, easy to feel.
And, just out of curiousity, why is the dealer taking pictures?

When I called my dealer and told him about my tank problem, he asked me if I wanted to order it now, or wait until closer to my warranty expiration. I have not yet been asked for pictures. I also asked if I could just take the tank off and bring it in when I got a new one. He understood that I wouldn't want to get my bike out mid-winter and get it to him when I can just pop of the tank and drive the 100 miles.

Thank you Don. Do you think it would help if we all signed on with you? I have not yet sent a letter to DNA but might suggest that we put together a "form" letter that we could all send.

I used to work closely with legislative issues. I found that if a form letter was used, and enough individuals sent them, it was helpful in either the passing, retaining, or eliminating legislation. (I think they just weighed the letters after reading the first dozen or so.)
Heck, I'm old enough to remember the Audi that would mysteriously jump in gear and run over anyone who was standing in front of the car.
Due to that debacle, which was proven wrong by the way, I was able to purchase a new 1987 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro for $19,000! Drove the thing almost 150,000 miles before a large pickup ran over it. One of my favorite vehicles. But I digress.
I think that is a good idea. We may wish for "justice." But good business practices will suffice.

(And not pissing off large numbers of customers qualify.)

Ok, here's what I've got for a form letter. If this passes the group's muster all you have to do is go to this link:


Under "Subject of the message" check off "Technical Problem".

For the "Questions or Comments" section, just cut and paste the following. (Even though they already have your name in the fields that you filled out, please remember to put it in again at the end of this note.) You might want to send it even if your tank has not yet had a problem, just change the first sentence to "I am concerned that my fuel tank may spread...."

My fuel tank has spread so as to become loose in its front mounting tabs. In researching this problem I found information at Ducati.ms regarding this situation along with an informal poll.

Please visit the following site for more information.


This poll notes that over 60% of the 151 respondents have experienced this same problem. Some with multiple tanks on the same motorcycle!

This issue makes me apprehensive about riding my bike as I am concerned about my personal safety, that it also will affect my insurance rates, and the value of the motorcycle.

It is my request that Ducati provide me a replacement tank that is well engineered, safe, and of course as aesthetically pleasing as the original.

I am looking forward to your response.


(Your Name)
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This is not a Ducati,

It is a fellow AHRMA Racer Andrew Cowell at Daytona 2005. He had a fuel leak on his Moto Guzzi just out of Pedro Rodriguez corner. This is the type of thing that makes me a bit jumpy on my Sport Classic.


This is a Moto Guzzi, not a Ducati but fuel is fuel.
Good news...

NHTSA just contacted me directly to setup an inspection of the tank on my Paul Smart. An inspector is flying out from Washingon DC to take a look at it next Tuesday.

It looks like NHTSA is serious about this problem. If anyone else on the board has heard from NHTSA post here.

F*ck*n Great! (Using the Illinois Gov's language)
I'll be glad for anything that will stay put, not blister, and be pleasing to the eye. Ducati wouldn't do anything less....would they?
Was at the Chicago M'cycle Show Saturday. At the Ducati booth was a Black GT and a Black SC1000. The GT tank was as tight as a....well tight will suffice. The SC tank was loose. I did make it known to one of the Ducati fellows there. Got the impression that either the guy deserves an Oscar, or he really had never heard of such a problem.
Called my local dealer, Hall's Ducati, Springfield, IL, this morning to confirm my appt for tomorrow. I waited until the last comfortable minute to make a warranty claim for my tank. The shop manager told me that DNA has told them that they are no longer going to warranty spreading tanks, only blistering ones and only ones that they have seen photographs of and approve.
Visited Hall's Ducati in Springfield yesterday. They took pics and info regarding tank spread, small bubble. Said they should have a decision from DNA in the next couple of days.
Received a call from Hall's Ducati today telling me that my new tank is in the pipeline. I'm hoping that the new one won't dimple or swell.
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