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Are you having problems with your tank?

  • Yes, I am having problems with my tank.

    Votes: 368 66.7%
  • No, I am not having problems with my tank.

    Votes: 184 33.3%

Tank Problems - Yes or No

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Let us know if you are having tank problems.

I voted already. I have not had any tank problems so far. For the record, my Paul Smart does not have many miles on it and it stays in a heated garage. I don't know if that makes any difference.
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I haven't filed mine yet I'm going down to Seattle Ducati Sat to look into just how bad it is. Anybody going to be out and about in Seattle this weekend?
Two questions anyone know?

Just how many of these bikes are here in the states?

Other thing do the bikes in Europe have this damned emissions canister. For crying out load the same canister that caused vacuum lock on fuel injected SS bikes and caved them in!
I'm up in Washington state north of Seattle. I stopped to ask the truck driver that was delivering his load of fuel and he and the gas station owner who happened to be there said his Texaco still doesn't ever use ethanol but that in about a month it will be mandatory by federal law to have ethanol in the gas!

I'm just starting to spread a little. Not as tight as it used to be. Has anyone looked into any products similar to the POR-15 kit that we use to coat the inside of metal takes to seal it so none of this fuel gets to the plastic?

If and when I get a new tank I want to do something like that before any fuel ever touches the tank!

I really don't think they care. It hasn't happened yet.
Alright that's it one of you go light yourselves on fire! :eek:

Sadly that might only get their attention. :cool:

Not cool it seems to take that much for much to happen.

NHTSA just contacted me directly to setup an inspection of the tank on my Paul Smart. An inspector is flying out from Washingon DC to take a look at it next Tuesday.
Garth how bad is your tank? They getting a two for one spreading and dimples?

Well if that doesn't beat all. Found an inspector with one of our bikes. Now that doesn't hurt the cause any does it! Somebody with a vested interest in his own safety too. Not waiting till somebody goes up in flames!

Garth did your inspector make it to your place this week to see your tank?

My dealer acknowledged the problem and claimed he could get a new one if it got bad enough. (not a clear definition on "bad enough")
It doesn't cost him Ducati is covering it heck Ducati pays him for the work done. Ask him if only a year after buying his brand new car the door wouldn't shut right because it started to deform so he had to drive wondering if the door would pop open ..... would he expect it to be replaced. Or does it need to fall off the car first?

The tank has spread deformed and you can now visually see it too. Thats enough I'd say. Ducati knows its a problem. We don't know what there solution is going to be...... they probably don't know yet either. But its a plastic tank they haven't minded replacing other peoples... and more than once on some. Go give your dealer a kind nudge. I can understand his waiting while all it had done is spread a little but you can see structural deforming now.


Sorry I'm getting tired of the dealers that don't seem afraid to turn to the factory to ask for a bike to be fixed. This has been showing such a huge difference between the good dealers and the bad dealers. And I think that the good dealers and the factory have been pretty stand up folks about it. Man have some of your guys dealers made me even happier than I already was with mine!

Though I wish the factory could give us some sort of I don't know at least acknowledgment that even if they don't have a solution that they are trying to decide on one.

Thats all I'd like to know for now.

OK stepping off the soap box for today! :D

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Good news today from Ducati NA. Without going into details about my particular case, Ducati will be covering these tanks for the five year EPA warranty. ................

Apparently US reps are in Italy as we speak trying to remedy this problem with factory assistance.

Geez I get on a soap box and there goes 3-D with just what I was hoping for. That gives me a nice warm fuzzy! :p

Told ya the Factory and some of our dealers seemed to be good folks.

Now if we can just straighten out the half of the dealers! :rolleyes:

I think I will follow the advice of the administrator I talked to at NHTSA, and file a complaint with the FTC.
Is the FTC the Federal Trade Commission?
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