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Are you having problems with your tank?

  • Yes, I am having problems with my tank.

    Votes: 368 66.7%
  • No, I am not having problems with my tank.

    Votes: 184 33.3%

Tank Problems - Yes or No

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Let us know if you are having tank problems.

I voted already. I have not had any tank problems so far. For the record, my Paul Smart does not have many miles on it and it stays in a heated garage. I don't know if that makes any difference.
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Can I vote twice? I have the problem with my first and second tank.
I believe someone has already mentioned that there is ethanol European gas as well as US gas.
I would definitely contact your dealer and see what they say. It doesn’t take long to replace a tank but it cost $1900 (according to my dealer). The fix is only temporary in my opinion and eventually your bars may even hit the tank. Contacting NHTSA can't hurt plus it may help push Ducati to come up with a permanent fix if they aren't already working on it.

Yeah, my wife's and my bikes are both having the issue. I'll just fix them myself and be done with it. I don't think the NHTSA site is going to do any good if we don't go through the warranty process first, and I'm just not going to go through that with my dealer...
Don, a while back I sent a similar message to DNA through their contact form and I did receive a response. Basically they said: ...sorry about your problem... take the bike to your dealer to have it looked at.

That was it.

For what its worth I just submitted the following to Ducati North America via their on-line "contact us" form...

I have a long relationship with Ducati, including writing many articles for Ducati.com. This email addresses a growing concern among SportClassic owners which does not seem to be getting the attention it deserves from the company.

A large number of these motorcycles (over 60% according to a current online survey) are experiencing a spreading of the fuel tank severe enough to separate the tank from the forward mounts. My own GT1000 has gotten so severe that the only connection it has to the frame (aside from the now mandatory straps of an after-market tank bag) is a single bolt on the rear. This is not atypical. Some dealers are adding spacers to the mounting system which provides a temporary fix (until the tank spreads yet further). Some are replacing tanks if the bike is under warranty, but the new tanks soon start to spread as well. Ducati MUST do something about this. It is creating bad will among owners and is a serious safety issue.

Don Sucher​
I do not have current contacts at Ducati NA so there is no way of knowing if this will bring a response, much less a solution. But if I do hear anything I will keep you posted.

The 5 year warranty is fine for now, but what happens after that? I think we need a permanent solution.
I was talking with a Ducati rep today, and he told me that there may be an upcoming recall of North American sport classic tanks.
Any updates on this post?
So what does that mean...a service bulletin?:confused:
It means they will replace your old defective tank with a new defective tank.
It sounds like he's confusing the ethanol/gas tank spreading and deforming issue with the fuel pump hose disconnect issue. These are two separate issues.
Ethanol is most likely the cause of the tank spreading problem and may even be what is causing the fuel pump hoses to soften up and disconnect inside the tank.
I'm confused by your post... your tank is not spreading and you don't use ethanol gas... correct?

Guys, I honestly don't think that ethanol in the gas is the cause. I live in an area that if there is anything added to the gas that it must be marked on the pump with that info. I only use Sunoco, BP or Shell in my GT and none of these pumps have ever had any such markings. Unless they have changed this regulation without my knowledge, I have never used any gas with ethanol. In fact, I've left gas stations marked with the ethanol signs and rode to other stations without. Now I have used Sta-Bil in my tank for winter storage........in fact, I've used Sta-Bil for years in everything I own for winter lay-up and never had any problems in anything with a gas tank or container. The Kid
Finally found a small pimple just smaller than a dime on the right side above the Ducati logo... Dammit.
There is no escape. It's just a matter of when...
2 tanks. Both warped without cannister.
Don't like it when this thread is idle for too long. Does anyone have any news about Ducati producing a proper replacement tank??? I'm on my second defective tank and approaching my 7500 service. I hate to replace my second tank with another defective tank.
The service rep that ordered mine didn't know if it would be new or old style. We are going to look it over for changes and compare it to the old one when it arrives.
Is there an official "new style" tank (such as made of different material)? Any more info would be appreciated?

I have ordered a new tank as I am converting my bikes color. New part number superceeding the old one shows "USA 07" as suffix, as my bike is an 07. I was told by a dealer that tanks ordered now are using a different plastic compound and are being tracked by DNA to users being manufactured since April 09 due to all the warranties. I have emailed DNA to confirm this but have not heard back. All very hush hush.
That's the most encouraging news yet. Please keep us posted.
Tank is due in two weeks. Will keep you posted.
Brooksie, did you get your tank yet?
Does anyone have any new information regarding a new tank from Ducati that will not spread?
From another thread on this message board...

"...As for the tank, it's a non-issue. Ducati is going to issue a recall to owners of Sport Classics, Monsters and Multistradas to cover replacement of all affected gas tanks. A letter outlining the recall will be going out to registered owners, and once you receive it you'll be able to go to your nearest dealer and have the tank inspected and replaced if it's warped, bubbled, expanded or whatever flaw you've got, if any. The recall should be announced soon and letters will go out to owners shortly thereafter. If your tank is defective you'll get a free one from Ducati so don't sweat it."
Well, if you really want to test it you'll need to put in gas with ethanol...
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