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taller windsceen for m600

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I bought a National Cycle "tour" screen for wife's M600, not great!

Has anyone tryed a Givi 750 faring/screen?

What's the best after market screen/faring?
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Ducati made a "higher" fairing for the monster 600 in limited edition. That monster is usually referred to the Monster 600 "City". Not that i understand why you would need a higher fairing in the city, but that is Ducati for you.

I friend of mine had one and that shield didn´t shudder even at top speed (which for him was about 100 mph)

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It may not of moved but damn is it ugly. I think it looks too much like a cruiser fairing for my taste. Just my .2 cents.

I got the National Cycle double bubble (Smoked) for mine and I love it. No pressure on the chest and even air flow for the head. It does not move either.

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