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Talk me out of a slipper clutch....

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well when I got the track bike (916) back from winter prep they mentioned the clutch would probably only last me part of the season. It's just wearing out. Anyway I'd looovvee to have a slipper in there as well as a non-stock slave to ease lever effort. Just not sure I want to spend that cash on my track bike. I may consolidate bikes at the end of the year and just put my 996 street bike on the track with track bodiwork and all. I guess if I do that I can always have a slipper taken out of the 916 and put in the 996. I'd like the Surflex one but it's like $1200.

Yo Motowheels guy got any deals on used Surflex ones or something? :)
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Can't do it...they are an absolute necessity for track day/ racing use! There must be some reason why every new 600 and now the 1000s are coming with OEM slipper clutches!
Well...you don't NEED to get one...you'll just be a lot slower and have the rear-end sliding around like B. Bostom on corner entries (when he was on the Duc in WSB it was quite a sight!).
Don't waste your time on the brake upgrades you mentioned...totally unnecessary for you...or even me for that matter. If you have a Brembo GP radial mastercylinder and some EBC HH pads (or equiv) you will be way ahead of the game. The next level would be new rotors (I like the Braketech AXIS cast-irons...more feedback). You don't need radial mounts unless you are a pro. Also I am assuming braided steel lines...

After the slipper you will get a reduced clutch pull...don't bother with the aftermarket slave unless you have an OEM failure (I just replaced my OEM piston with one of the triple O-ring ones from Evolutione cyclesports).

I have a front BST CF street rim and went with that over the RACE (magnesium rim) models because the company recommends shipping them back to South Africa ever couple of years to inspect for stress fractures!
1 - 3 of 39 Posts
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