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Talk me out of a slipper clutch....

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well when I got the track bike (916) back from winter prep they mentioned the clutch would probably only last me part of the season. It's just wearing out. Anyway I'd looovvee to have a slipper in there as well as a non-stock slave to ease lever effort. Just not sure I want to spend that cash on my track bike. I may consolidate bikes at the end of the year and just put my 996 street bike on the track with track bodiwork and all. I guess if I do that I can always have a slipper taken out of the 916 and put in the 996. I'd like the Surflex one but it's like $1200.

Yo Motowheels guy got any deals on used Surflex ones or something? :)
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Thanks guys. :)

Time to get out the old credit card I guess. Damn.
It sounds like this is on the list for this year:

1. Wheels (mag preferably)
2. Slipper clutch
3. Slave cylinder
4. Maybe Brembo radials and new calipers.

This'll cost between $2K and $3K unless I find some deals on used stuff. What doesn't make sense is I could probably sell my 916 and buy another SBK with all that stuff outfitted and break even. I guess a good way to look at it is all this stuff I can take off and put on my 996.
I bet that thing is $$$.
The "bargain" is the Motowheels one with Surflex plates for $929.

Sloduck what's your prices? I'd almost prefer the black March mags. Have them and in the flat black? Or did they come in a glossy black at one time as well?

Oh man I'm getting tempted to go with carbon ones. Like $3K or so. Wow.

How do you decide whether to get 5.75 or 6.00 rear wheel? Also BST seems to make a RACE or STREET version. I assume you shouldn't buy the RACE if you ever think about putting it on the street where saly, potholes, etc can maybe hurt the RACE version?
Keef95 said:
Well that's just dandy...I paid $1179 for mine 30 days ago! Hey Moto...How about a little in store credit to make me feel better????

The Motowheels one is different.
So BST recommends you ship the wheel back to South AFrica? Do they pay for that?

The forged aluminum is sounding better all the time. : )
So how would you decide to go with either 5.75 or 6 rear? I'm guessing you can run a 190 on the 6 but maybe not on the 5.75?
Sounds like 5.75 would be better for me as I run a 180 now and most people recommend it over the 190. Plus the tire is cheaper.
What's the difference between those and the anodized or whatever were the prior years in terms of looks, performance, etc?
Yeah I have a stock old style one. Previous owner replaced already due to leaking. But still is really heavy compared to my 2001 stock one.

Just trying to think $1200 for a slipper. Man.
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