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Are there billet frame plugs for the open end tube frame of the tailend of the subframe? (ie the open ends at the tailend under the seat). Are these called end frame plugs?

The fender chop / eliminators normally come with plastic caps, wonder if there's billet frame plugs to cap the ends instead? Is the sizing one needs 18mm? Are they 20mm plugs?

These places arent clear on what frame plugs are for what use. billet frame plugs largely only for the replacing the rubber plugs on the side of the bike? The end frame plugs for the open tube ends at the tailend? Wouldnt these need to be 18mm?

http://www.ducationly.com.au/mpl_frame plugs.html

The frame plug kits for monsters list the following sizes, which dont appear to be anything to do with the two plugs for the tail end frame.

1) 23mm plug
1) 25mm plug
3) 24mm plugs

Anyone anywhere have any idea what-so-ever of what size the end frame plugs are and if the plastic plugs is the only option?

2008 S2R 1000
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