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Morning all, I am wondering whether a 20mm longer swingarm is worth all the hassle? I mainly want to do this to reduce front lift off and yes I have played around with ride heights etc but it still annoys me. Having to rear brake to keep ti down...

SO is it worth it and what is the best / affordable method to do this e.g. multistrada swingarm on it's own?

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Where’s the picture gone?
Greed IMO and yes I Know/understand that it costs to keep hosting whatever alive.
I also read the blurb that there are X millions that use the "service", so if someone, many or all choose to sign up, then that is squillions per month.

I keep getting "special" offers from that mob and they do not seem to understand simple maths.

X cents per day or image still adds up to the same deal per month.

There are alternatives.

I am really sorry that previous pic links etc. no longer work, but I will be F*&ed rather than succumb to that pressure.

I have posted too many third party images to go thru them all - sorry.

If someone really wants to see images I have posted, then they can PM me.

Not my choice anymore, but as per my sig pic, there are alternatives.

Sorry PB, but your approach and regular emails about how great it is must have you running scared.

I am sure PB used to make money out of the previous scheme, now it maybe time to start with a "Listening session"

Listening is one thing, just like " I hear what you say" , but my question always is "do you understand" ?
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