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Anyone ever removed these things on an ST with the engine intact and on the bike? LT's manual and the shop manual talk about checking them, but not replacing them. Got one that seems to be a little sticky. Proabably not anything to worry about, but the bearings are 10 bux a piece and I already have the bike apart.

The shop manual and the parts fiche both show a snap ring inside the engine casing that keeps the bearings from moving inwards. There is a gap in the middle of the engine case, and then the exact mirror of the snap ring, seal, and bearings on the other side.

I'm worried that if I try to pound them out from the other side that the snap ring will be in my way of hitting the bearing race.


98' ST2

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I just got done replacing a pair (one side) on a S4R case I'm rebuilding.
It appeared the bike sat on the sidestand for long periods in the rain, the right side was froze-up. Left side was fine.
It's a PITA even with the case split. I found nothing in either the S4R or the ST4S shop manual about how to do this.

Each side takes 2 seals, two bearings, and two circlips.
The circlips are kind of curious because there seems to be no means to remove them. They have their ends slanted, with no holes or any other means of compressing them.
I eventually got the outboard one out with two dental pick devices, but there was much cursing and gnashing of teeth.
Then pushed the whole mess out (except the inboard circlip) with a press and appropriate deep socket.
When pushing it back in, be careful or the inner circlip will push out the inboard side (wish I knew about that before the dental-pick thing) and put the circlip back in the slot.

Hope this helps...
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