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Swingarm compatibility?? 1992 on a 1995

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I looking for a new swing arm for my 1995 900SS. I have a line on a Verlicchi Aluminum one that says it's designed for the 1993 and older 900ss. Are these really not compatible the 94 to 98 models?

If not, anyone have a good Aluminum swing arm that will work for me?
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the supersport swingarms from 1991-1998 are
basicly the same, all share the same swingarm
pivot and 17mm rear axle.
differences are within the used materials, steel
on the 750cc bikes, aluminum on the 900cc ones.

next thing to look after is the upper brace, which
got reinforced ( bigger ) from 1994 up.

you can buy any swingarm, even the ones from
1998 up will fit, if you buy the 2cm longer rear
shock along with it.

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