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I was doing a rebuild on a S4R motor (same as a ST4S motor) that had the left side swingarm bearings totally froze up in the case.
I guessed that the P.O. left the bike on the sidestand in the rain pretty regularly and completely neglected lubrication of the swingarm bearings. It was an '05 model bike.
Changing-out the rusted-together mass of shite was a lot more trouble than one might think.
They're held in place with these strange circlips apparently designed to defeat any prankster or vandal who might have designs on removing them. They have angled ends, no "eyes" or holes to attach circlip pliers to, and the access is horrible. There are two rows of needle bearings with delicate seals on each end, held in place with these Houdini-designed circlips.
And, of course, everything has to be special-ordered.

My point? Lube those friggin' swingarm bearings!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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