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Suspension Wander? 916S

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Just want to know if this is normal. I just got my bike back from my local Ducati Tech. She got a 12K service and I had him dail in the suspension since I hadn't messed with the suspension since I got the bike. (Third owner) I was shown initially that the front forks had been shifted back by the previous owner (hence the reason my key lock never worked). He told me that was known as the "crash position". He recommended that he moved it back to the stock position,(forks forward) and I agreed. Well, I picked the bike up on Friday, and it sounded awesome. As I drove it off, I noticed IMEDIATAELY that the bike's suspension was SUPER sensitive to any input. It was like riding someone else's bike. It doesn't turn into corners, it DIVES! But, on surface streets and the freeway ride home, the bike seems to DRIFT left to right. At first I thought that it was my sitting position, but even centering myself didn't seem to make a difference. The movement was smooth and rhythmic, and definitely not something that had happened in the past. I called him when I got home and explained what was happening. He said it could be grooves in the road, tire wear, or a dry steering bearing. He said to bring it back if it continued to be an issue. What do you all think?
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Viewed from the top, the stock steering position is with the eccentric turned so that the steering stem is to the rear of the bike. I think the mechanic did something wrong. Changing that alone will NOT make the bike wander (I am assuming it did not pull or wander on the way to the dealer).

I wonder if they got the eccentric turned all the way around and have the locater pin in the right place?

Can you lock the steering now?
Before, the key lock did not contact the stop. Now it does and I can lock the bike.
The eccentric only has 2 position, "race" or "street". The setting are 180 degrees from each other, and it is held in place by a set screw on the right side of the steering yolk. (right if you sitting on the bike) If that screw is not in place you have a problem. Out side of that my opinion is that you let someone else dail in you suspension for you. To me that is about like letting someone else take an eye exam for you. With suspension there are some obvious STARTING PIONTS. That all after that it is up to personal preference. 1st make sure that everything is right with your bike as far as that steering head position. Then I recommend the bike back to the setting you had it on before with the exception of there steering head. Find some good instructions on setting sag and rebound. That is your starting point. After that ride the bike feel it out. Then the tricky part... start tuning your suspension to your preference. Do small adjustments and make notes that way you can always get back to where you started. This site might be helpful http://www.section8superbike.com/suspensionsetup.php
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Here is Ducati´s own pages about suspension and chassie setup for the 916-series.



Hope it helps
Sounds to me like either the steering head bearings are too tight, or the steering damper is set too tight, if adjustable.
I wonder if the dealer put the damper in the correct position. In the stock position it is mounted in the rearmost frame hole.
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