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Surely, This Ain’t Right- Gas Leak

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Had the fairing off my 749 today to clean out the road filth. Then I did something for the first time- started the bike without the fairing- just to see, what I don’t know.
Well I discovered the exhaust gases coming out of the LEFT SIDE of the join between the header pipe & the mid-pipe for the front/horizontal cylinder exhaust.
Further to my amazement I discovered what must be a heat shield [a pressed aluminium plate like the ones under the seat & above the tail light assembly] fixed off the LEFT SIDE of the front/horizontal cylinder barrel- almost as if the designers were EXPECTING hot gases to be coming out at this point.

Surely, this ain’t right. Surely, there is a misalignment/fault in the join between these pipes on my bike & there should be no gas escaping at this point. But why only ONE heat shield? Why no counterpart on the RIGHT side?
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Don't know about your leak but take a look at what's on the OTHER side of that heat shield...That's where your batter, ECU, starter relay, and all kinds of wiring and electrical goodies are. THe heat shield is there for thier protection. There's nothing on the other side.
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