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'06 S2R 1100 Custom, '12 SF 1040
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The guys @BellissiMoto got be hooked up with one of these and was wondering if anyone has given it a try.

It comes with steel hardware which I promptly switched out for titanium(using ti axle pinch bolts from an s2r with the heads turned down to fit). The titanium hardware brings the weight down to around 590 grams, which, accounting for the 70g oem bolts, adds around a pound.

Ive heard all the discussion about adding unsprung weight, but thinking about it, most of the mass of the damper IS sprung mass.

please correct me if I’m wrong.

if the heaviest part of the damper (about 80%) is the “dense metal mass” that moves completely independent of the rear end, with my rudimentary understanding of physics, it wouldn’t actually weigh the rear end down. Since the mass is sandwiched between a spring and a polymer bumper, it would seem that the mass would add no “detrimental” weight gains.

either way, I think it’s a very smart idea and on a bike that is completely analog, keeping the bike planted is a personal priority.

haven’t gotten out to test it yet, but hopefully I’ll write something up soon on how it performs


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