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Superlight --> Ultraleggera

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I've just finished the mods on my SL4 today and putted it on the scale.

Result:159 kgs (350 lbs) with 4 ltrs of fuel, road legal with lights, mirrors etc...

Hmm...what do you think about it?
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If i'm parting, everything will go. As i read on the DHL site, shipping to the US would be possible. I think that the shipping quote for the swing arm would be around 60-70$.

Dibs on the Carbon wheels.... Is the rear 5.5 inch wide or 6.0..?

Please PM me your asking price.

Chris- it may be best, given the lack of photos of the bike - to list what parts are what and we can go from there? ;)
I will do a list as soon as i'm decided at 100% that i'm going to part out the bike ;)
Gooday Chris,
I may also be very interested in some parts also. I am in Leipzig and would be happy to come for a drive with some cash in hand, the 911 needs a run. Anyone got a trailer hitch I can borrow to suit :) ?
Hi Bezza900

There are a few interests for the whole bike, what i would prefer than parting it out. As soon as i have some news, i will keep you in touch.

If someone is interested in the whole bike...please let me know.

Shipping worldwide could be arranged.

Just PM me for further information about the bike.

41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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