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Superlight --> Ultraleggera

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I've just finished the mods on my SL4 today and putted it on the scale.

Result:159 kgs (350 lbs) with 4 ltrs of fuel, road legal with lights, mirrors etc...

Hmm...what do you think about it?
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Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate that you love my result.

The bike is not completely ready. There are still stock headers and these heavy BOS mufflers mounted as long as the 50mm Termignoni headers and Termi CF cans are welded correctly to fit the Duc perfectly.
I'm sure 320 lbs would be possible with the stock lights and mirrors. Everything under the "magical limit" of the 320 would be verrrrrry expensive.

So i'm keeping my eyes and wallet open to see which items i'll find during the winter break.


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That might be the ultimate bike from my point of view. Super light, great torque, super suspenders, non severe riding position, durability, no EPA influenced power band, WOW.

Can you point me to your major body parts suppliers and any issues/recommendations.

Whats the € pr. saved kg price? (If not to personal question :))
My major parts suppliers where ebay for some small rare parts and for the bodyparts i bought a complete SL with the carbon bodywork, keeped the parts i needed and sold the rest of the bike.
The €/kg price, honestly i'm afraid of calculating it ;)

Here are some other pics: Tire Alloy wheel Wheel Automotive tire Auto part
Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Motor vehicle Spoke
Motor vehicle Helmet Personal protective equipment Vehicle Yellow
Tire Alloy wheel Wheel Automotive tire Spoke

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Yep. Nice job! :cool: The pics help... :D Looks like the sort of project I could get into. If I had the $'s. :(

AH well, I'll have to live vicariously through yours. Hope you're able to give a ride report before too much longer.
Howdo Chris...

Get that I-Phone working and get some more pictures up!!!

Reckon a few more kg could go!!! Come on fat fighters!!! Just eat dust!
I'm with the rest: more pictures of this beauty! Perhaps of the entire building process? :)
Pardon my ignorance, but what is an SL?... Is this a Ducati that was made with carbon panels?

Anyway, as others have said, nice build but need some real pictures posted!!

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SL = SuperLight
As in Ducati 900 Superlight :)

Not made with carbon panels, just fenders in carbon.
And monoposto seat, floating brake rotors etc.
I"try to post some pics of the building process.

Here's a pic from today, 5 hours ago. First testride on the streets. No problems apart some minor details and the front brakes which are agressive as hell. Can't ride like that.

Cheers m8s

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Howdo Chris!

What pads are you using?

I've got the S4RS 4 pad calipers, Brembo radial master cylinder, titax adjustable lever, braided lines & SBS RS pads.

They are very progressive but with ultimate stopping power, me poor old GSXR feels very under braked in comparison.
did you mention a lightweight battery? best lbs/money you can buy. go lithium.

Also, any issues with mounting up the m1100 engine?
Nice job, but you're not the first to build a lightweight 900SS. My 1999 full-fairing bike weighs 365 with all fluids and a gallon of fuel. It also has the standard two-passenger seat and rear footpegs. The result was acheived much like yours, with material substitutions, but I have Marchesini cast magnesium wheels, not the BST carbon fiber ones. I did the engine a bit differently as well, adding a 944 kit and porting the heads to yield 95 RWHP and 71 lbs-ft torque. I've liked it so much with all the mods that I've owned it now for almost 13 years!
Hi Pablo Pirate: Pads are stock brembo ones as well as all the front brake. All the brake is stock 1098. Maybe i have to switch to another radial master cylinder to get the brake a bit more smooth.

@LeoLegend: Yes, a lightweight battery is the first thing i bought ;) i bought LiFePo

@rz33v4: I know that i'm not the first and only one on this blue planet who has a lightweight SS but i wanted the other SS enthousiasts to take part and maybe give some useful ideas for those who want.
Nice result with your SS.
I"try to post some pics of the building process.

Here's a pic from today, 5 hours ago. First testride on the streets. No problems apart some minor details and the front brakes which are agressive as hell. Can't ride like that.

Cheers m8s

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I think the 1098 brakes are a tad too much for such a light bike :)
They are agressive on the 1098, and that thing is heavy in comparison!
I think you'll have to play with pads or a different stroke master cylinder.

How does the engine run compared to the stock 900 engine?
Much smoother I guess? :)
Yeah, that's what i also thought. Never rode such an agressive brake :eek:
As Pablo already said, i'll have to try different pads at first.

The engine is equipped with DP cams and a leight flywheel, so he doesn't run very smooth anymore but i can tell that it's a completely other bike with a "modern" engine and "some" hp more
Putting the engine in is no so difficult. All the other things are more tricky, injection, airbox, ECU, etc...

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So, boys and girls... i'm thinking of parting out the Ultraleggera cause i have an other project in my mind.

Maybe some of you are interested in parts of the bike as they dont are easy to find.

In case of interest just send me a PM.

I know shipping may be a lot to the States... but are you willing to part with the swingarm?
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