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Superlight --> Ultraleggera

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I've just finished the mods on my SL4 today and putted it on the scale.

Result:159 kgs (350 lbs) with 4 ltrs of fuel, road legal with lights, mirrors etc...

Hmm...what do you think about it?
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If there's no pictures, it didn't happen! ;)

Come on, show your baby off!
+1. 350 lbs with some fuel and lights is really good. Now, pictures please!
I agree. Except for possibly lightweight wheels, I don't see much that would contribute to that much weight loss. Steel tank, stock full fairings, lights, instruments, rear fender, it all adds up. Isn't the 1100 motor heavier than the 900?
P.S. What's an "Ultraleggera"?
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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